It's time for a new chapter.

Experience transformative healing with our signature online programs inspired by the concept of Ahana.
In this 8-week journey, you will heal from past wounds, release emotional weight, and discover new joy in your life.
The inner child within you wants to be free and happy.
Jen Ahana

Soft and nurturing...

Life Beyond Hurt is a gentle journey where we create a safe space to let go of heavy emotions like shame and guilt. Jen will bring empathy, grace, and wisdom to show you who you are underneath all of the weight you carry.
In this 8-week journey, you will conquer the deeper blocks that are holding you back from living a bold life.
Conquer yourself and become a greater version of you.
Jen Expedition

Intense and inspiring...

Expedition is about conquering yourself. You will take hard look in the mirror and face your inner demons. Jen will bring the same fierce and motivating spirit she has when she's in the mountains.