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Learn how to overcome childhood trauma, past regrets, unresolved grief, and chronic self-doubt. Get a step-by-step breakdown of how past memories, words can trigger you and cause emotional flare-ups and what you can do to re-gain control.

Create Your Life Beyond Hurt

Are you tired of living a life with guilt, shame and pain from the past?
Do you feel trapped by past mistakes or shut down by negative beliefs that someone else projected on you?
Were you so emotionally hurt that the story plays on repeat everyday?
This hellish existence has to end if you want to create a life of happiness, connection and progress.
I'm Jen Ahana, I've faced my own demons and darkest fears, and now I'm helping others overcome their emotional trauma to create a life beyond hurt.
So, what could you create if your past didn't haunt you?
What would your relationships look like if you had self-confidence?
What would your life feel like if you could go all-in, because nothing was anchoring you to a past version of yourself?
Let's find out together!

Real-Life Strategies to Guide You...

Healing starts with identifying the root cause and changing the story you tell about it moving forward. I love real-life strategies you can use immediately, not fairy tales and empty platitudes. I've helped individuals in over 7 countries with these methods...I'm excited to share them with you.


What are you dealing with?

I can help you right now if you are...


- Self-loathing because of past decisions and actions

- Plagued with bad relationships

- Experiencing inexplicable sadness

- Suffering from chronic pain with no "medical" reason

- Are unable to lose weight despite intense workouts

- Can't get what you want even though you're constantly "manifesting"

- Hide yourself from the outside world 

- Perceived as having it "all together" and are afraid to share your struggles

- Self-soothe with substances, food or activities that ultimately make you feel horrible

- Constantly compare yourself to "who you should be" or "never will be"

- Replay childhood trauma and negative stories over and over

- Stuck in a vicious cycle of anger, blame, and resentment

- Triggered daily by family, friends or strangers that send you into a downward spiral

If you feel exhausted by everything, and no one "gets" what you're going through, and you want to turn things around without endless soul-searching...I can help.



About Jen Ahana

Jen is an emotion & mindset coach, and best-selling author who’s worked with high-performers, olympic athletes and individuals in over 7 countries. She’s spent over 20 years as an expert in mind-body wellness, psychology, neurology, and health. Jen uses her own real-life experience of facing her own demons and darkest fears to overcome emotional trauma.

Now, she's helping others with real-life strategies…not fairy tales and empty platitudes. She’s worked with individuals from Microsoft, NFL, Lady Gaga Tour, Broadway Performers, and National Geographic. Jen has been featured on CBS, CW, TalentCulture, FierceCEO, and iHeartRadio for her expertise.

The Impact Is Clear.

This is what healing on a deep level looks like.