THE CYCLE OF RENEWAL: How to Know When It’s Time for Change
June 2, 2023
September 18, 2023
AUTHOR: Jen Ahana

Hello, beautiful soul. Let me ask you a few questions.

Are the stories you've been telling yourself holding you back from soaring to new heights?
Are you feeling tethered by the past?

We often let our past define our present, chaining us to old habits, relationships, and beliefs that no longer serve us. The key to breaking free?

Reframing—reshaping the lens through which we view our life experiences, from setbacks to triumphs. 

In this sacred space today, we'll journey through the metaphysical dimensions of mindset, dive deep into the nurtured seeds of your past, and explore how you can break free to blossom into your true self. 

We'll wrap it up with a practical ritual of reframing, a sort of soul medicine, to help you turn your past into fuel for your future. Prepare for an awakening as we unlock the power of reframing.

The Metaphysics of Mindset

This is where science dances with spirituality, and quantum physics meets the law of attraction. Let's get a little geeky, shall we?

Every thought you have, every emotion you feel, is like a ripple in the vast ocean of universal consciousness.

Quantum physics tells us that your thoughts aren't just whimsical notions; they're packets of energy that vibrate at different frequencies, interacting with the energy around them.

Essentially, you're a walking, talking magnet, attracting experiences that align with your mental state.

This becomes even more poignant when we consider the past. Picture your past experiences as seeds planted in the fertile ground of your psyche. Each experience—good or bad—is a seed with its unique vibrational energy, growing roots and shaping the mental paradigms through which you view the world. 

These paradigms, or lenses, serve as filters that color your present and future. For instance, if you were always told you're not good enough, that seed grows into a towering tree of self-doubt, casting a shadow over every endeavor you undertake.

The good news? You're the gardener of your own mind, with the power to uproot these old trees and plant new seeds. 

This is where the art of reframing enters the scene. By consciously altering the lens through which you interpret past events, you change the vibration of those metaphorical seeds. 

When you replace the limiting belief of "I'm not good enough" with the empowering perspective of "I'm always evolving," you dismantle ingrained self-doubt and make room for authentic self-confidence.

Nurtured Seeds of the Past

Your past is a treasure trove, not of mistakes or regrets, but of lessons—nuggets of wisdom waiting to be unpacked. You've planted these seeds throughout your life, some consciously and some unknowingly.

Think about the experiences you’ve had—both good and bad. These experiences are like seeds, and your thoughts and emotions are the soil in which they grow.

Negative experiences might be considered "bad seeds," but even they have value.

Actually, they have the most value.

They teach resilience, empathy, and wisdom—qualities that might not thrive otherwise. So before you write off your past as a series of mishaps or lost opportunities, remember that each seed can be nurtured to grow into something extraordinary.

Understanding the history of your seeds—your past experiences—is critical for your growth. Each one holds valuable lessons that can offer new perspectives and teach you more about who you are.

For example, maybe you felt neglected as a child, and that has shaped your need for external validation today. But once you recognize this, you can nurture that particular seed with self-love, turning a past of neglect into a future of self-reliance and emotional independence.

The past is far from a barren wasteland; it's more like a garden. Sure, there might be a few weeds, but with proper care, even a weed can become something powerful. 

Break Free, Blossom


The soul-stirring beauty of life is that it’s a canvas, waiting for you to splash it with the colors of your choice. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's address the elephant in the room:

How do you break free from past paradigms to embrace the full spectrum of who you are?

Imagine for a moment that you're like a butterfly, encased in a chrysalis of past experiences and outdated beliefs. In biological terms, this chrysalis phase is crucial for transformation, but you can't stay there forever.

Start by acknowledging the chrysalis for what it is—a protective layer that once served its purpose. Those limiting beliefs, those old narratives? They kept you safe in a world that you perceived as uncertain or even hostile.

But like a butterfly sensing the right moment to emerge, you'll feel an intuitive nudge telling you it's time to break free. Listen to it; it’s your inner wisdom speaking.

Now, onto the fun part—blossoming. When a butterfly emerges, it doesn't look back; it spreads its wings and soars. The same goes for you.

Blossoming means embracing your new narrative with arms wide open. It means being fearless in embodying the 'new you' that you've just uncovered through reframing. For some, this might mean pursuing a career that genuinely lights them up. For others, it could be embracing love after a period of emotional isolation.

For me, it was letting go of the Type A path I was on, and realized that success and freedom were a perfect marriage. So once I sold my private practice to build a life where I could live and work from anywhere, it was the catalyst to the new beginning my soul so needed.

The point is to revel in the sheer joy and freedom that comes from embracing the new.

Just think of it this way: Every moment you’re not breaking free is a moment you’re just replaying, not truly living.

The Ritual of Reframing

You've probably heard the saying, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

No, that's not just some catchy, Instagram-worthy quote. It's an actionable truth, a mantra that you can adopt to shift your reality.

Imagine your past experiences as a canvas. At first glance, you might see blemishes, strokes you wish you could erase.

But what if you added new colors, new textures? What if you looked at it under a different light? The Ritual of Reframing is akin to becoming your own artist, capable of transforming the very fabric of your life story.

Mindfulness, self-compassion, and intention can become your brushes, and with each stroke, you paint over the memories and mindsets that no longer serve you.

You might ask, "But how do I choose which paint to use? How do I know which hues represent my true self?"

That's where this powerful Ritual of Reframing comes in. 
Step 1: Reframe

What are three pivotal experiences from your past that you feel a need to reframe?

Write them down, ponder their emotional impact, and consider how a change in perspective could paint them in a new light.

Step 2: Rewrap

Take some quiet time today to focus on one of those experiences. Imagine holding it in your hand, then mindfully choosing to wrap it in a new narrative, a new emotion, and a fresh perspective.

By actively engaging in the Ritual of Reframing, you're not just swapping out old stories for new ones. You're shaping the lens through which you see the world—and, more importantly, yourself. This is your journey, your masterpiece.

How will you choose to paint it?

Your Journey, Your Canvas, Your Choice

There's a saying that goes, "You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one."

We've traveled together through the metaphysics of mindset, nurtured the seeds of our past, unleashed our transformative potential, and engaged in the soulful Ritual of Reframing. What comes next is entirely up to you.

If you're looking for immediate, actionable steps to set this transformation into motion, explore our guided meditations.

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Let's make your emotional well-being non-negotiable. Look, life's not hitting the pause button and neither should you.

Your emotional well-being? That's non-negotiable. Your emotions shouldn't be running the show—you should be. But hey, you don't have to be a lone wolf in this. I'm here, and I'm in it with you, every step of the way.

Here's to your new beginning.



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